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Sharzy celebrates 10th anniversary of SI music

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Sharzy during his tour to Vanuatu.

SOLOMON Island renowned local artist Sammy Saeni known as Sharzy will be celebrating his 10th anniversary of making music in the Solomon Islands this weekend. 

Three shows are been organised to mark the event, the first show will be staged tonight at Club Xtreme, Heritage Park hotel while two of his gigs will be held at the waterfront club, east Honiara.

Papua New Guinea musician Justin Wellington is in the country to celebrate Sharzy’s 10th anniversary.

The PNG musician will assist the solo artist in his shows along with Solomon Islands local artists like DMP, Wantoks, Taina Gee and Dehvande.

“Yes, this week I’m celebrating my tenth year of making music in the Solomons and it does not feel like its been ten years though, it’s more like three years,” said Sharzy.     

The artist said the reason is because he is too busy with work, music, tours, gigs and family.

“Marking my 10th anniversary is a great achievement for me and it doesn’t happen naturally, it is with dedication, commitment and being consistent,” he said.

He added there are tireless and tremendous people behind the scene who believed so much in his music career that he earned such recognition as music awards and being heard on all shores in the pacific.

“It does happen through the hardworking radio announcers who played a major role in promoting not only our local and pacific music but overseas as well for the entire population to hear every now and then.

“Further more the public at large who consists of fans, friends, wantoks, visitors and with the help of the internet, makes music accessible and it gets everywhere.”

He said if someone asked did you benefit in those ten years. What stage are you in, in the past ten years in terms of beneficiary?

“Music and it does work. I had been benefiting from it under copyrights.”

Sharzy said once you’re signed under a copyright organisation for publishing, you will go silent and don’t want to make a lot of noise.  

“Today, I’m celebrating a handful of experiences in the local music industry and still enjoying writing lyrics, making tunes, arrangements and a happy person with my passionate talent, music,” Sharzy said.