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Children say no mining

Dear Editor – May I respond to the above, or your front page cover-star No 5596 in Thursday’s issue.

Talasasa must take note of the concerns

Our Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Ronald Bei Talasasa is a highly respected and experienced lawyer.

Is it reasonable?

TWO weeks from now the Ninth Parliament will be no more. A series of things will have happened.

Appointments to key Gov’t positions

IT’S natural to think of elections when we think of political corruption.

Pan Oceanic Bank

Dear Editor – I refer to an article in your paper of 19 August 2014 in which Peter Boso questioned the credibility of POB and whether or not the CBSI had done a thorough work in the application process.

Dear Editor – The official response to my recent inquiry about progress with a Federal Constitution indicates that we shouldn’t waste time waiting for it.

Why CEMA is in deep sleep?

Dear Editor – I take the opportunity to acknowledge Jacob Ofasia’s question regarding what CEMA is really doing now as appeared in Solomon Star, issue No. 5594.

Langalanga festival

Dear Editor – A Friend of mine who attended the shell money festival in the Langalanga Lagoon over the weekend commented that while it was interesting it was not well organised.

Aqorau: Media’s role in promoting tuna vital

MEDIA has an important role to play in promoting and reporting sustainable harvesting of the region’s tuna resources.

Policy brings changes to Soltuna

THE development of a long-line fishery policy in 2012 has brought about some positive and significant changes to Soltuna Limited.