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Native Stoneage live performance

23 June 2016

ONE of the country’s famous reggae bands, Native Stoneage is still alive after being together for 16 years.

The Malaita based band, originally from East Fataleka, will show its solidarity when they stage two live performances this Saturday and Sunday at the Art Gallery.

Acting manager of the band, Allen Siau said the two shows are to raise money for their South Seas Evangelical (SSEC) church at Abuabue and launch their fourth DVD album.

Siau said the show will start and 8am and finishes at 4pm.

“Children are charged $5 and adults $10,” he said.

Siau appeals to the public if they don’t busy to come and enjoy the reggae show.

“The boys have been together for the past 16 years despite experiencing ups and downs.

“However, we want let the fans to know that we are still alive to entertain you with reggae music.”

The band was famous for its songs like ‘pretty flower’, ‘deeper in a love’ and ‘Gone with a wind’.

The band first performed in front of a stage at Aligegeo Primary school music competition in Auki in 1998 and won the first prize.

It then travelled over to Honiara and performed at number of band competitions, Solomon Games and Independence Anniversary events.

Its first international outing was in Vanuatu during the Napuan band festival.

The band is looking forward to travel to Vanuatu this year to perform a live performance after signing a partnership with Naio band.



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