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Reggae Slam’sbirth gets attention

09 July 2016

THE first Solomon Reggae Slam, Honiara’s biggest dance party was a success after it has attracted close to a thousand audiences last Saturday, at the Cowboys Bar and Restaurant.

Organized by one of the country’s leading events group and Record Label Rebelle Inc, the event has brought in the Sentinel Sound as the attraction.

All the way from Germany, the Sentinel Sound has productively staged a remarkable performance on stage, where they performed in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

For DJ Olde and Selecta Daniel, this is their first time to travel to the South Pacific region especially Solomon Islands, a history that both entertainers were proud of.

Various local dance crews and musical artists were also part of the event.

The dance crews that showcased their acts were three of the best and winning crews in the city. They are, Kuzzens, Tia Dropz, and the Inmates.

The musical artists that performed during the night were, Young Davie, Sleezy Peel, Jaro of Dezine, Small Jam, Rosie Delmah, and Ruff Neck of 56 Hop Rod.

It was a fun filled night as both locals and expatriates were part of the five hours show.

Rebelle Inc management also received widespread support for bringing such event in the Solomon Islands.

The sponsors were also being lauded for supporting the birth of the Solomon Reggae Slam and for bringing the ticket prices of the event cheap.

These sponsors,  Sara Lager (Szeba Breweries), Bemobile-Vodafone, GTL Service Station, Island Bakery, GEL (Guadalcanal Electrics Ltd), Honiara Hardware, Solomon Sheet Steel, United Auto, APCO, SIVB, Woodstock, Vodka Cruiser, Sullivans & Nambawan Meat Ltd, Doug & Moddies, King Solomon Hotel, PAOA FM and Wantok FM (SIBC) deserved to be praised.

Meanwhile, as the outcome of the birth of this year’s Reggae Slam ended on a high, next year’s event is expected to be bigger and better with more international artists coming here.