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Live-stream judging for dance comp

28 July 2016

THE judging panel for the Battlegrounds mini festival dance competition next week will be more advanced, says the organisers.

Simon Chottu, the Director of Hailie’s entertainment (host) said all dance groups that will be part of the competition will be filmed live through Facebook and judged from a panel of judges in Sydney, Australia.

“This dance competition will be different, when it comes to judging.

“The panel will be judging the dancers from Honiara, through live internet streaming.

“It will be similar to how the winning crews who will be representing Solomon Islands in Sydney are being judged during the Battlegrounds Solomon Islands (BGSI) dance competition in March this year,” Chottu said.

He added, they are moving into this type of judging so that other crews can be exposed overseas.

“We have so many new dance crews emerging in the city nowadays and the level of dancing in the country is on a competitive platform.

“Therefore, exposing new talents to the outside world will be helpful in shaping up dancers in the country,” Chottu added.

Meanwhile, registration for the dance competition is still open and interested dance crews can see the organisers to register their dance groups.

At the moment, there are 15 crews being registered for the competition already and the number of interested dance groups is still growing.

Chottu also said, they are still prioritizing former sponsors of the Battlegrounds Solomon Islands.

This means, they will still be promoted in the events posters even though they are not sponsoring this time around.

“This shows how much we respect our clients and also to keep our relationships intact, as former sponsors to our events,” the Hailie’s entertainment Director said.