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Battlegrounds for mini festival set

28 July 2016

THE Battlegrounds Mini Festival is now set for Saturday 6th August, at the Solomon Mutual Insurance (SMI) grounds, in Honiara.

According to the event’s organisers, the mini festival is a fundraiser for the winning Solomon Islands hip-hop dance crews who will be representing the country in this year’s World Supremacy Battlegrounds in Sydney Australia, from September 9th-11th.

The three winning crews are Kuzzens, Tia Dropz, and Milkshake.

During the festival, the three crews will be showcasing sneak previews of their masterpiece – what they will be showcasing at the World Supremacy Battlegrounds.

“There will be lots of activities happening during the festival.

“Card games, dart Board, tyre kicking, basketball shooting, table money throwing are some of the games that will be available.

“The main act of the festival will be an open category dance competition,” the host Hailie’s Entertainment told the Solomon Star yesterday.

People in Honiara are also being urged to be part of the festival and support the country’s touring dancers.

The festival will kick off at 10am through till 6pm.

Musical entertainments during the festival will be provided by local artists such as Jethro, Blanc.O, Sleezy Peel, Mac Lihn (aka

Admissions for the event are as follows,

Meanwhile, any company that wishes to sponsor any of the dance crews can still do so before they depart in September.

Sponsors will be prioritized in the groups dance wears where all logos will be printed on their outfits.

Special hiring offers are still open if any group wishes to invite the dance crews to feature in any organized functions or fundraising in the country.

So far, the three winning crews have been part of a few major entertainment events in the country already.

All the money they raised will go towards their trip to Sydney, this September.