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The next big thing: Rainbow Boys the hottest band in town

02 June 2014

LISTENING in to the radio waves all across the country you can hear their singles dominate the airwaves, pretty much having the same impact and effect as all other popular artists in Honiara.

The only thing that makes them different is they are all grade 12 (form six) students and that they are based in Auki, the provincial capital of Malaita Province.

Yes, indeed the ‘Rainbow Boys’ are the next big thing in the ever growing Solomon Islands music industry.

They have stolen and dominated much of the airwaves with their hit single ‘Noelyn.’

Rainbow Boys is a contemporary reggae band comprising of five friends all of whom are grade 12 students of Aligegeo Provincial Secondary School.

The band was formed early this year after sensing and seeing all their musical interests, their talents, havingt he potential to become a success in the local music industry.

In less than a month, Rainbow Boys have made their way to the top of music charts on all three FM radio stations (Wantok FM, Paoa FM and ZFM), something that not all local bands and artists are capable of accomplishing, let alone having been established in the province.

“It came to us all as a surprise really, especially having seen how our music has suddenly dominated airwaves across the country,” group founder and lead vocalist, John Holi told the Sunday Star.

“We started out merely as a band producing music just as a hobby, nothing more.

“But having seen our vast growing popularity and fan base across the country, it has indeed motivated us to strive for success in music even more,” Holi, who was also dubbed ‘Malaita’s Shaggy’, said.

He had similar vocal tones as United States and Jamaican reggae superstar Shaggy.

From that very humble and simple beginning, the group has now gained recognition and fame not only in the country but also across the region.

“We have had great feedbacks coming in not only from fans in the country but also other artists and fans in the region.

“This not only came to us as a surprise, but rather an inspiration and motivation for us to strive forward,” Holi said.

The band had also recently returned from Honiara having scooped third price at the Youth Market’s band contest, coming up against a whole host of popular bands in the country.

“The band competition in Honiara was probably the first major event we’ve performed live in.

“We went across not expecting anything at all. All we wanted was to give our fans a glimpse and taste of our music, seeing its demand growing dynamically over the past month.

“We are indeed happy to have tasted what performing live in front of a big audience, most of all our fans and to see what impact our music has and is having on people outside of Auki,” Holi said.

The band is currently working on its debut album with Inner House production in Auki.

Rainbow Boys meanwhile thanked their families, friends and especially fans for their continuous support, assuring everyone that more good music will come out from the band in the near future.