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Artists urged to promote local style

02 July 2014

A local artist well-known for wood block printing has urged his colleagues to keep promoting local style of arts.

Hendry Kalamani made the call after realising some local artists are drifting away and adopting more foreign concepts.

“We should promote our culture, identity and customs by exposing it through our work, which we can then sell them in our shops,” Mr Kalamani said.

“The more we promote our local arts, the better because it will contribute to our tourism,” he added.

“Visitors would like to see arts that reflect our identity, culture and custom, not something that is foreign.

“Let’s make our own fabric wall in our own style” he said.

He gave an example of the controversial dress Princess Kate wore when she visited here in 2012.

“That dress should be locally produced, not something done outside. Unfortunately, that was the case.”

Meanwhile, Mr Kalamani called on the Ministry of Tourism and other stakeholders to engage local artists in the promotion of the country.