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Students gather for first annual High School Choral Festival

02 July 2014

AT least 300 young people are expected to register for the 1st Annual Our Telecom Solomon Islands High Schools Choral Festival, set to be staged on the 8th to the 10th of July 2014, at the Museum Auditorium, Honiara.

The event is a duplication of a similar choral production started in Fiji called the Suva Secondary Schools Choral Festival, now called the Mana Choral Festival, that is hosted by the Pasifika Voices Choir of the University of the South Pacific.

The Our Telecom Solomon Islands High Schools Choral Festival opened its rehearsals a week ago with students arriving from across the country to participate.

"Young people have come as far as Makira and Rennell & Bellona Provinces. We have even had a young lady fly in from Brisbane all to be part of the Choral Festival, " Peter Waqavonovono, a member of the organising committee and a member of Pasifika Voices from Fiji, said.

"After the message was relayed through the media for young people to join this new initiative, students have come to us in large numbers.

“I am humbled by the students who have endorsed the message of the Festival and are coming from afar to be part of the Festival.

“It is even more humbling to have Solomon Islands businesses even coming on board to sponsor the event," Mr Waqavonovono added.

“These are young people who want something different and who want their voices to be counted."

The Our Telecom Solomon Islands High Schools Choral Festival tickets will be available this week and today organisers have launched plans to organise a matinee show.

"There will be a matinee show on the 8th of July 2014 at the Auditorium Museum.

“Show is at 1pm and will be open to all students from in and around Honiara.

“The show is $10 and we hope school students can come fill up the Auditorium and support their peers," says Vasati Sosene Tengemoana, a member of the organising committee.

"For many of these students, working with the great Igelese Ete and hearing inspiring speeches from some of the Solomon Islands most empowering business and community leaders is a valuable asset that they will carry with them into their futures.

“The Festivals student soloists are even receiving free vocal coaching from recording artist Ratu Eroni Dina," Mr Waqavonovono said.

"So far I have enjoyed learning the new songs and meeting new friends," says Shirley Natei of St Nicolas Anglican School, who is soloing the Rugby World Cup Anthem, World in Union.

She said she is naturally shy and the Festival is helping with her self-esteem.

"I'm scared but I am confident that I will do my best. My family and friends are all coming, there might be no more tickets left for everyone else's family, so you should all get your tickets now," Ms Natei said.