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Solid Black back on stage

02 July 2014

LOCAL rock band Solid Black is back on stage for the first time after years away from the public scene.

But they did it far from home in the land of the 5th Melanesian Arts and Cultural Festival in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Their first appearance was a boost to Solomon Islands participation at the festival as they attracted one of the biggest crowds since the start of the show.

Band member Peter Usumae told local media after their first show this was their first stage show after years of dormancy but stressed that despite that the spirit of reviving the band has been there all the time.

 “We had a long break after one of our members, the renowned lead guitarist Kennedy died after a long illness,” he said.

“But the spirit was always there, it is just the timing and now is the time.

 “Other groups have set their benchmark and now we have set ours and we are grateful for that, it was a success.

“We like to thank God for skills and talent and our families back home for their support.

“We would also like to thank the Solomon Islands Government through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for making it possible for us to showcase our talents in this Melanesian Arts and Cultural show.

“The message I want to put out is that Solid Black is back,” the smiling Usumae said.

The crowd that night went crazy and shouting for one more song after their final song of the night.

The Solid Black band will participate in other satellite venues of the festival in the coming days.