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Youth shows talent in making peace

01 October 2014

Young people participating in this month’s youth market described peace and happy Isles in their unique dance moves.

The competitors of the dance competition choreographed their dance moves to describe and interpret the market’s theme “Peaceful Youths, happy Isles.”

“This Youth Market has grown since the last ones and the youths are taking part in it actively with the theme of the market,” said Donna Lioni a visitor at the youth market.

 “We want to bring out the creativity of the youths to portray the theme not only through songs but also through dance,” said youth market officer.

“This helps them to analyse and understand the theme in their own way.”

“It was quite hard to identify the winner, since the last Youth Market dance competition, the dancers just keep improving,” said a judge of the dance competition, “all the dance crew were outstanding but the winners just had something extra,” he concluded.

For the modern dance competition, snatching the first prize is Tia Dropz, with Crew Out Cast taking second place as Hazard Crew holds the third spot.

The first day of the market was disrupted by a sudden heavy rain cancelling some of the afternoon’s program, however the second day brings back sunshine as the program continues with the high light of the day -The dance competition.

The third day holds the band entertainments and special performances from big names like Yellow ribbon, small Axe and Jah Boy.

The Youth Market on 18 – 20 September has opened a venue for Youths to display peace in their skills and talent.

The next Youth Market theme is “My Vote, My Future.” Applications for competitions are now available at the Youth at Work Office.

The Youth Market provides a venue for young entrepreneurs to sell their products and young artists to showcase their talent.

Youth @ Work is implemented by SPC with the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labor and Immigration and the Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace. It is fully funded by the Australian Aid bilateral program.

By Regina Lepping