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Dr Pollard: Our youths are gifted

22 April 2015

Youths of this country are gifted and should be supported and nurtured for a better Solomon Islands.

Dr Alice Pollard, a specialist in gender and development and a prominent women's leader in the Solomon Islands highlighted this powerful message during an interview with the Solomon Star at the youth market event hosted by the Youth @ Work that is currently underway at the National Art Gallery in Honiara.

She said, about more than 70% of the country’s populations is made up of youths and they are current and future leaders.

 “More than 70% of the population of this country are youths that are from 0 – 30 years.

“They are our resources for today and tomorrow so we must support them for a better and progressive Solomon Islands,” Dr Pollard said.

She thanked the Youth @ Work for the initiative in organizing the youth market event to give time and space for the youths of this nation to showcase their skills.

“The Youth @ Work team has done a very good initiative.

“This can help the youths to demonstrate their skills in a practical way,” she added.

Dr Pollard said, it is better to balance training for our youths both indoors and outdoors.

“It is better that this youth market have helped the youths of this country to receive training in a practical way through balanced training in both the classroom and the real world,” she told this paper yesterday.

Meanwhile, she said, as God created beings, the youths of this country are blessed with talent and she encourages the youths that have talents and are shy to come out to show themselves to the people of this country what they are capable of because as youths, they are given with special skills.