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Youths promote healthy fruits

23 April 2015

Youths engaged under the Youth @ Work program have promoted fruits to fight against non-communicable diseases (NCD) at the youth market which is currently underway in Honiara.

Dubbed themselves as the NCD Warriors, they said they promoted fruits for a very important purpose.

Team leader Simon Tomasusu told this paper of how they came up with the proposal.

“We are a group of intern students from the Youth @ Work program.

“This initiative was formed by an Australian Nutrition specialist, Jessica Pulla after conducting a three days training with us,” he said.

The youths said, their aim is to influence people to eat healthy foods everyday to help their immune system fight against non-communicable diseases.

“Our main aim is to influence people to consume healthy fruits daily.

“At least each day, people get healthy fruits and vegetables,” Mr Tomasusu told this paper.

So far, the NCD Warriors have been conducting awareness to four schools in Honiara, namely Mbokona, Tuvaruhu, Tamlan Primary, and Honiara Integrated primary school.

Meanwhile, they urge the general public to visit them at their stall which is called the “Fruit @ Work” to have a taste of what they are promoting and see for themselves the importance of the healthy fruits that they provided.