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African musician urges MSG to accept Papua

25 June 2015

AN artist from Ghana, Africa,has called on all the Melanesian countries to accept West Papua into the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

Chief Jomo Hutaa, who release an album title “Free West Papua” early this year, made this call yesterday in an email to the Solomon Star from Ghana.

“I am calling on Melanesian counties to accept West Papua back to where they belong and support them to total freedom,” he said.

King Jomo Hutaa—formerly known as Chief Jomo Hutaa—is a musician.

He has released his first album in 1997, which was ‘high life’ music.

 After many years working on social projects with Star Black Foundation,his non-governmental organisation, he founded a new music group called King Jomo Huuta and the World Voice.

This Afro Reggae band came with a mission to spread the message of love, peace and unity to the world and be the voice for voiceless all over the world through their music.

 King Jomo Hutaa and the World Voice have released their debut album titled “Free West Papua” this year.

He said this album is a musical solidarity for neglected peoples of the Melanesian territory of West Papua.

He said so far the song is played all over the world and is helping to spread the message of freedom for West Papua.

The album can be accessed though this link

King Jomo Hutaa will be performing in Papua New Guinea during the Pacific Games to continue to show his support to neglected Melanesian people of West Papua.