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Solo Icon Quarter final round

14 July 2015

The Icon quarter final elimination went ballistic with the contestants of the different categories within the competition pushes their potential to the edge as each one vie for placement in the semi-final round on the 26th July at the Multi-Purpose Hall before a three panel judge team.

There is an eruption of hilarious roar as the crowd cheer for the contestants they favour and support.

Sitting as judge for the quarter final are Fay Indu, Dany Nugent and Michael Crowe representing the Australian High Commission Office.

Both Danny and Michael added flavour and richness in the judging panel by both adding humour and constructive comments to the contestants.

One of the anchor judges David Auna left for PNG for a singing tour engagement.

Comments both from the contestants and the public seem to favour having a good balance mix of external and local to be part of the judging team.

In the Icon category four was eliminated, whilst in the junior and Star duet category one each was eliminated.

In executing the decision all judges seem to have a consensus on the contestants that should be eliminated and those who should progress further into the semi-final round based on the score sheets results.

This year’s competition has taken a new height with choreography support and back up done by Outcast crew who supported the dancers with a backdrop dance as well as supporting and coaching the contestants with certain unique moves based on the song choice they selected.

Coaching support and instruction was done Roselyn Delma who is the 2014 Icon and other run up of the previous years.

Those who will progress through the semi-final are: Lawrence Osifera, Philis Fa’arodo, Gina Atu, Marlon Sia, Amy Baura, Nathali Fefera, Zarina Luiramo

Macie Tauman, Marlian Houkarawa and Sammy Iro.

The schools who are qualified for next round include: Mbua valley, FYCS, Koloale and St Johns.