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‘The Voice’ star is coming

15 July 2015

ONE of the star contestants of ‘The Voice Australia 2014’, Elly Oh will be touring Honiara at the end of this month.

She will be performing live at Honiara Hotel’s Club Le Flamingo on Friday 31st July and Saturday 1st of August 2015 respectively.

Crown Sound Entertainment, an affiliating independent entertainment company in Honiara with some history in arranging international music groups to Solomon Islands is organizing the tour in partnership with the Honiara Hotel management.

Elly Oh is one of the most versatile musicians, song writers and performers in the music industry today.

Born in South Korea in the city of Incheon, she has been in the music industry for over 10 years. She first discovered her passion for music when she was 18 years old after volunteering to sing to an old patient at the hospital where the nurse thought Elly had an amazing voice.

She later studied opera from the local opera teacher in Incheon, after her parents suggested it to her as a means of providing Elly with a foundation for singing.

After studying Bachelor of Opera at the University of Hanyang in South Korea, Elly moved to Italy to pursue her opera career and complete a diploma of Opera.

Elly has performed at various Opera events including places in Italy, Korea and also in Sydney. She has won various awards for her Opera abilities including first prize in the McDonalds Opera competition (World Song).

After moving to Sydney, Australia Elly has changed her vocal style to pop as she enjoyed the upbeat music. She is currently teaching students to sing in a private studio based on her Opera techniques as well as performing the occasional special event.

Recently Elly came off the ‘The Voice Australia 2014’, where her blind audition was seen by over three million people on Australian national television and around the world, stunning all 4 judges with her rendition of “Mama knows best” by Jessie J.

She went on to reach the Top 3 in Team Ricky Martin and still trends as the highest number of views out of all Voice Australia 2014 blind auditions.

The singer and song writer is now creating her own music and recording a new CD album due to be released any time soon.

Elly has performed for some of the biggest corporate events in Australia, including one of the most famous celebrities and the Italian icon, Ms. Sophia Loren and his holiness, the Dalai Lama.

In addition, Elly has also appeared in an Australian film called ‘Ruben Guthrie’ featuring Australia's most iconic actors Jack Thompson and Brendan Cowell.

According to the Crown Sound Entertainment, arrangements were also made for the touring female artist to conduct a workshop for locals that are interested in singing.

The event organizers told the Solomon Star in an interview yesterday that the tour is part of Crown Sound Entertainment’s new initiative in bringing overseas artists to perform in the capital at the end of each month.

 “We are collaborating with the Honiara Hotel management to have oversea artists touring Honiara at the end of every month.

“Elly Oh is the first artist to come to Honiara under the new initiative that we came up with,” the Crown Sound Entertainment representative said.

“During her stay here, she will also be conducting vocal training classes for interested local songsters, something that we are trying to do as part of the new initiative.

Meanwhile, the Crown Sound Entertainment’s representative added that a part of the initiative was also to expose our local musicians by having them performing live music for and alongside the touring artists.