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Youth event needs everyone’s support

16 July 2015

The 2015 Youth Market which is currently under way at the Rove Police ground has attracted hundreds of people since it was opened this week.

The event has not only attracted youths but people from different age groups as well, due to the many interesting activities and shows organised.

The event has been organised to allow youths to showcase and sell what they can produces from their skills and know-how.

As such, it needs the support of parents, business people and everyone.

Visiting and buying youth product shows your appreciation and support towards the work to improve and help youths realise their worth.

At the show ground, there are various activities, products being sold and awareness activities.

Products on show include fashion wears, clothes, baskets, artworks and awareness and promotional activities.

This paper visited the site yesterday and there is need for everyone’s support towards this wise youth initiative.

Talking about engaging youths and helping them realise their potentials, the initiative is recommended and should get the support of the community.

Meanwhile, also this week during the event, a milestone achievement was made when the [email protected] program launches a magazine which will help preach about youth issues in the country.

Manager of the youth @work Sandra Bartlett said she was proud to launch the first youth magazine which is an avenue for youths to express and promote themselves.

The event will end on Saturday.