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‘The Voice’ star is here

30 July 2015

ELLY OH, the visiting star contestant of ‘The Voice Australia 2014’ is now in the country ahead of her show tonight.

She arrived safely in the capital yesterday afternoon.

A small Honiara crowd welcomed the star on her arrival where later she had 30 minutes of press conference with members of the local media at the Honiara hotel’s conference room.

The 21 year old South Korean national who is now based in Australia says that she feels comfortable here ahead of her scheduled vocal training classes and the weekend shows.

“I am always in love with nature, and I love the Solomon Islands.

“Am comfortable here and it is just that one word which I can use to describe my stay here.

“I love the weather here, I really love hot weather and not winter,” she said.

She added that, before she came here she googled about the Solomon Islands to find out what it was like here such as, the environment, the people, and the language.

Compared to Australia and her country South Korea, the environment in the Solomon Islands was very friendly and peaceful.

Asked if she wanted to do collaborations with local artists here, the versatile musician said, that she would love to.

“I would love to do collaborations with locals Solomon Islands artists.

“Maybe, we could do a mixture of opera and reggae because I know Solomon Islanders really loved reggae music,” the Asian laughs.

She added, her tour here will be a memory to cherish and she would love to write a song about Solomon Islands when she returns ahead of her tour to the United Kingdom towards the end of the year.

Today, she will be conducting a vocal training workshop for locals that are interested in singing. Later on tonight, she will be performing live at Honiara Hotel’s Club Le Flaming as well as tomorrow night.

Crown Sound Entertainment said, that the tour is part of Crown Sound Entertainment’s new initiative in bringing overseas artists to perform in the capital at the end of each month.

The event organizer wishes to thank the Honiara Hotel management for making the tour possible.

Meanwhile, apart from other countries in the world, Solomon Islands is the first country in the Pacific region for the Asian pop star to visit.