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Second YOSI magazine out

22 October 2015

THE quarterly youth magazine produced by [email protected] is now available.

A statement from [email protected] said, the second edition of the new youth magazine YOSI, produced by [email protected], has been released in Honiara this week.

[email protected] Communications Group Leader and magazine designer Gino Oti said, 3000 copies of Issue 02 had arrived in Honiara ready to be distributed around Solomon Islands.

“YOSI Issue 2 is available for free at the [email protected] office inside the Art Gallery. We will also hand out copies at the October Youth Market next week (28th-30th) and will send copies to the provinces to ensure everyone can access this important youth resource.”

“The second edition contains many interesting articles about Solomon Islands youth. We have featured some famous sporting, music, and community heroes. It also contains poetry, short stories, finance tips, health advice, and much more, all written by youth.”

Twenty-fiver (25) year old journalist Samie Waikori read the full magazine as soon as it arrived and said he really enjoyed it.

“This magazine is great for youth nation-wide. It features many stories on youth and it is very encouraging to see youth involved in something so positive.”

 “Make sure you grab a copy or read it online and see for yourself how talented our youth are.”

“YOSI is a great opportunity to have our voice heard and to work together for a brighter future.”

An extended version of YOSI Issue 2 is available online on the YOSI Magazine Facebook page:

Youth and the general public are encouraged to get involved in YOSI. If anyone would like to distribute YOSI Issue 2 in their province, school or community, please contact the [email protected] team.

[email protected] is currently working on YOSI Issue 3 which is due out in December. Budding writers, artists, and journalists can submit articles, poetry, photography, short stories, opinion pieces and more up until October 31.

Local businesses can also advertise in YOSI. All advertising revenue is used to subsidise printing costs.

YOSI aims to inform and educate youth, share inspiring and empowering youth stories, and raise awareness of youth issues. The first edition was released in June and it will come out four times per year from 2016.