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Christafari rocks Honiara

30 October 2015

THE famous Christian Reggae Band Christafari rocked Town Ground Rugby Stadium when they put on two shows in Honiara as part of their Melanesian tour, Wednesday and Thursday.

The two shows attracted hundreds of local fans as they flooded the stadium to have a glimpse of their favourite Christian Reggae band.

At both shows, the band entered the stage with a very loud reception from the local fans as they witnessed the performance of their life time.

As evident, the crowd enjoyed the two shows as they took pictures, videos and sing along with the band while performing on stage.

The founder of the band, Mark Mohr, who is the lead vocalist also took time on the stage to share his life changing testimony during the two shows, which the crowd appreciate with huge cheers.

Compared to other visiting overseas bands that visited the country in recent years, the crowds that gathered at the two shows behaved well and most Christians who attended the two shows sing and dance to the gospel songs as they join hands with the visiting band in worship.

After the two shows the band will leave to Papua New Guinea to complete their Melanesian tour.