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April rains-flood concert

15 April 2014

Musical concert to raise funds for the flood victims is being planned for Easter Monday.

In preparation for that a committee was formed last week called– April Rains-Flood Band Laev Komiti.

Its role is to organize the hosting of Band Leav: a music fest of contemporary and religious bands and cultural groups from within Honiara was established.

A statement from the committee said the Band Laev Konset will be in aid of the April 3rd Flash Floods survivors most of whom are now accommodated at various evacuation centres in and around Honiara.

The recent flash floods devastated parts of Solomon Islands including Guadalcanal, Makira and Rennell and Bellona islands and in particular the Honiara City.
About 21 people have been confirmed dead as of Monday 7th April while many are still unaccounted for.

Reports also confirmed that the flash flooding, strong winds and landslides had also destroyed at least 76 houses, damaged 13 bridges and other major infrastructure, and destroyed food gardens and water sources across the country.

The Honiara City and the whole of Guadalcanal Province are still declared a disaster area.

The chairperson of the committee Mr. Selwyn Do’oro noted that while they understand that the devastating flash flooding had displaced around 12,000 people and caused much destruction to property and other livelihoods, and loss of lives, Band Laev aims to provide an avenue for hope, promise and inspiration for the flood survivors especially of Honiara and to enable these young Solomon Islanders to appreciate that their fellow wantoks do and still care for their wellbeing and future.

“Recognising our strong values and principles of wantokism, love and compassion as a strong motivating force this is an opportunity where the people of Honiara can render their support to our fellow wantoks, friends and relatives.”

The committee intends to focus the proceeds of Band Laev Konset to the affected children and their mothers to meet their educational requirements.

The funds will be used by a church-based association (Solomon Islands Full Gospel Association) already identified by the Committee to purchase school uniforms, stationeries and other educational resources for the children most affected by the floods.

These are the most vulnerable group and we feel it is only appropriate to assist them especially since most of the flood victims who lost their lives were young children as well.

The April Rains-Flood Band Laev Komiti comprises young and enthusiastic Solomon Islanders with various educational and vocational backgrounds.

These are not politicians nor are they prominent in any strata of Solomon Island society except that they have the passion and concern to assist the April 3rd flood survivors.

The proceeds of the Band Laev Konset will be managed and administered by SIFGA, a disaster relief committee in place so all the funds raised from this event will be channeled to the SIFGA committee.

The committee has also established a process to publicly inform the public and stakeholders about the funds raised and how the proceeds from the Band Laev Konset will and has been utilized.

SIFGA will also provide the committee with a budgetary report to account for any funds, donations either in cash or kind as well. This information will be produced in a report 2 weeks after the event.

There will be the sale of tickets for the proposed Band Laev Konset at the northern gate of the National Museum during the week leading up to Monday 21st April.

The funds collected from the sale of the tickets will be recorded daily and passed on to SIFGA for accountability.

During the Band Laev Konset the SPC [email protected] volunteers will manage the entrance gate and collect the fess at the Solomon Islands Ports Authority precinct.

Ticket holders will be allowed to enter via a designated spot to minimize congestion at the gates.

There are already some initial and encouraging indications of support being pledged by various individuals and companies to support the Band Laev Konset.

For example the committee has already secured the support of Crown Sounds to provide its PA system to be used by bands and cultural groups during the Band Laev Konset.

The Solomon Islands National Museum has allowed the Museum Auditorium for auditioning of bands and cultural groups during starting on Saturday 12th April.

Various practice sessions will be organized for bands and cultural groups all throughout this week as well.

Various bands and cultural groups have confirmed already confirmed their participation. All of them will be giving their time for free in support of the flood survivors. More bands and cultural groups will be include once they indicate to the committee their willingness to perform during Band Laev.

The cultural groups that will participate during Band Laev have been specially selected since they are part of the communities badly affected by the floods.

This is to allow them space to “take them out” of both the physical and psychological trauma that they have experienced and try to re-integrate them back into normal community life.

The proposed date and venue for the concert is this coming Monday starting at the 10 at the Ports Authority in Point Cruz.

Ticket are now selling at $20.00 for adults and $10.00 for student (under 12 years old).