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DMP joins local Brisbane community raise funds for victims

08 April 2014

POPULAR Solomon Islands boy-band, DMP have over the weekend teamed up with the Solomon Islands Brisbane community to help raise money for victims of the flash flooding in Honiara.

The group which is currently on a two week tour of Australia performed before a packed audience of both Solomon Islanders and their friends with all its takings to be donated to victims of the floods in Honiara last week which has so far already claimed twenty lives.

In an email to Solomon Star on Monday, vocalist Evin Rush said that they helped raise $710 AUD ($4,787.58 SBD).

“It was a good turn out and everyone came and gave their hearts out to help the victims back home.

“It was also indeed touching to see many friends of Solomon Islands come by to donate for the cause,” he said.

Evin added that it was a shock to the group who only left the country not less than a week ago, adding that their prayers and thoughts are with their fellow countrymen who have lost their loves, or that of their loved ones during the floods.

“It first came to us as a shock having heard the news; however we knew that we had to do something for our brothers and sisters back home.

“Therefore we teamed up with the Solomon Islands community here and then organised the program,” he said.

One of the organizer’s Maxine Kake said that it was a good to have the boys (DMP) helping out in the program.

“They performed their hit songs and also sang their hearts out for the victims of the floods and in turn we managed to collect the money we will now be donating to the victims,” Ms Kake said.

She added that the prayers and thoughts of the Solomon Islands Brisbane community are with each and every flood victim.

“As our country go through this tough and difficult times, we the community in Brisbane would like to help as much as we can. Solomon Islands is our heart and when our country is hurting, we are all hurting.

“We may be struck down but together we will help each other stand again,” she said.

Meanwhile more and more donations are believed to be coming in from Solomon Islanders residing overseas.