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Musician in Suva for concert, recording

03 March 2016

LOCAL singer, song writer, and music producer David Bogese with the stage name ‘Young Davie’ is currently in Suva, Fiji to participate in the ‘Rise up Fiji concert and appeal this weekend and also to do music recordings.

The Solomon Star managed to catch up with him for a short interview, before he left the country for Nadi Tuesday this week.

He will be joining other musical artists in Fiji for the one day show this Saturday, the 5th of March.

“I will be part of the ‘Rise up Fiji concert and appeal’ this weekend, upon a request made by the organizers.

“Actually, I was on a record deal tour, but when the show comes up I registered my interest to contribute for a good cause,” he told the Solomon Star.

 He added, upon his arrival and after his performance at the concert, he will finalise his tour schedule.

“There are quiet a large number of artists and bands that wanted me to work on their albums as well as single tracks.

“So I am planning to spend about a week and a half there,” the energetic and creative artist from Isabel stated.

Young Davie is travelling on leave purpose and also thanked his employer, the South Pacific Oil (SPO).

“My trip would not be possible without my employer's support.”

During his three years of studies at the University of South Pacific (USP) in Suva Fiji from 2011-2013, he has been engaging with music recordings with a number of artists in Fiji.

He also formed up a band which was called ‘Da Melanesians’ with student musicians from Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Fiji all of them have attended tertiary studies at USP.

Some of the songs he recorded are also making hits in the Pacific region some years back, and even today.

This will be his first outdoor public appearance in Fiji, so the crowd is expected to be massive and lively.