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J Boog show tickets selling fast

29 March 2014

“LET’S Do it Again” was of one J Boog’s popular song.

The Pacific Island reggae J Boog is heading here on the 6th of April 2014 and organisers already started selling tickets to the public.

Limited tickets of 1,200 are ready to be sold. You can buy your tickets at the Heritage Park Hotel reception for $350 per ticket.

The $350 tickets will include free four Solbrew drinks, BBQ and Ice-cream which will be available during the show.

Since the tickets are limited the organisers urge the public to book or pay the tickets while they are still available.

The V I P tickets cost $700 with a special package of meet and greet with J BOOG in the AHARA conference room from 15.00 HRS to 16.00 HRS with finger food and drinks to be served for one hour.

The V I P ticket holders are provided with a special seating arrangement and personalized service during the concert.

J Boog's new music is authentic Island Music and genuine Jamaican reggae at the same time. It’s truly a new and exciting combination. When you listen, you will feel he truly knows matters of the heart.

The reason for the limitation of the tickets is for safety measures and also to avoid overcrowding during the event.

Heritage Park Hotel meanwhile is still working closely with its supporting sponsors sponsors (OUR TELEKOM, SOLBREW, SZETU ENTERPRISES, MEAT LOVERS, S I V B, DJ GRAPHICS, FRANGIPANI ICE, VOX and SOLOMON PIXELS)  “let’s do it again” to make this show another one to remember.