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Women happy with Fathers ministry training

23 June 2016

WOMEN of Susu village in east-central Guadalcanal say they are happy with the training conducted for fathers and husbands over the weekend.

The women told Solomon Star’s Northwest Guadalcanal stringer John Toki that they believe their husbands will never be the same after again after undergoing the training.

“Some of our fathers know little about their roles as fathers that is why we sometimes encounter challenges in the family,” Mr Toki quoted a spokesperson for the women as saying.

“After going through the training, we do believe they will be good fathers now,” he added.

The training that aimed at equipping fathers with leadership knowledge on how to lead their families started Friday and ended on Sunday..

According to Mr Toki, this initiative was established in the Catholic church some years ago just like other ministries.

The mothers told Mr Toki that they were happy with the imitative and would like to thank the church for organising the training.

“We want our husbands to undergo such trainings because those training will help improve their knowledge of being a father and what to do for the family.

“Fathers are foundation of the families therefore; such training will help broadening their knowledge to shouldering the families.”

Mr Toki said that it was an enjoyable training for fathers and even some women who come to listen to the programme over the weekend.