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Selfish taro selling fast

28 June 2016

WOMEN of Temotu province are now flooding the Honiara central market with their unique taro known as the ‘selfish taro’.

Selfish taro is one of the best taros planted in Santa Cruz and was well known to most people in Honiara.

“We are happy to be back again with this selfish taro at the central market,” Jivian Ibonie said.

She added that selling selfish taro was the best because everyone in town really liked it.

Back at home, this was the only local crop that their people were focusing on to sell at the market after realizing that the demand for it was high in Honiara, she added.

She said that at the market, they sold it at $10 each and it was quite expensive.

“We know that some women from Honiara like it because they will cook it and sell it with fish for another new price.”

Carolyn Mebia who also came from the same place added that it was the only local food that they prioritized for marketing.

“We prioritized this taro because it is fast in its selling,” she said.

She said that even though it was too expensive for them to transport those taros from Temotu to Honiara but they had to make it because selling in Honiara was faster.

She added that through the sale of this selfish taro, it will help them meet their family needs.