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HOH visits West Kwaio

11 July 2016

A Charitable None Government Organisation in Malaita that deals with orphan children last week paid visits to areas in West Kwaio, Malaita Province.

Hearts Of Hope (HOH) president Janet Justice Aihari told Sunday star they went there as part of their visitation and to conduct more awareness to orphans and widows about the group.

“We went their last week to talk to the orphans and widows about the group and see what the group can do to support them,” Mrs Aihari said.

She added that they visited Afetafa and Anonakinaki in west Kwaio.

More than 50 widows and orphans attended the awareness.

Mrs Aihari said that they were really happy to get to those communities as part of their work to reach out and support orphans and widows who needed the group’s support.

“People in those communities were very happy that a group recognises the vulnerable ones in their communities.”

She added that it was there that they saw many orphans and widows that needed help.

“I want to highlight here that there are many who need your assistance out there but most of the time we forget them due to many other commitments.

“HOH is willing to take your donations and support to give to them.”

“Assistance in terms of clothing, bed sheets and whatever you have that you want to give is accepted.

“Just give your donations to us and we will give to them your on behave.”