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Guadalcanal council of women to launch plan

19 July 2016

THE Guadalcanal council of women will launch its four years strategic plan September this year.

The group’s president Greenta Tome confirmed this to the Solomon Star yesterday.

“The four years strategic plan will mainly focus on issues that will improve the lives of the women in this province as long as we implemented them,” Mrs Tome said.

She said that there are eight main components that are contain in the strategic plan and they are as follows;

1.     Education, more on literacy for rural women

2.     Health, aim at improving facilities for provide good services for the women in the province

3.     Peace and security

4.     Economic empowerment for women

5.     Agriculture and the list go on.

“The council believes that as long as we launch and implement this, lives of women here will be improved,” Mrs Tome said.

The council boss added that so far everything on the strategic plan is finished and ready for the launching programme which is scheduled for September.

She said that Guadalcanal council of women was established some years ago and it is mainly to advocate issues that are affecting women’s lives.