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Tribute to a young leader

07 June 2017

A SELFLESS soul, always putting others first, always the last to talk and very professional and diligent in her work.

A person who do not want to be given special treatments.

That’s the Kyera we know and we will miss.

The Young Women’s Parliamentary Group (YWPG) pay tribute to their Leader, Kyera Varnel, also known as Marilyn Kwalea.

Kyera joined YWPG in 2014 and was voted in as an executive member and successively voted in as Chairlady to the very young but popular group this year.

She was a very quiet person who had a gentle personality as many of us in YWPG can attest to.

Though very quiet, Kyera had a very strong leadership zeal and because of that, her commitment and passion for the work that YWPG does took many hearts and lift her into the executive in 2015.

She served two years in that executive and then just this year she is voted in as Chairlady.

Advisor to the group, Marisa Pepa, Parliamentary Civic Education Chief shares her experience with late Kyera.

“She had the most creative mind and she challenged me in many ways throughout the 2 and half years of her leadership. Kyera used her skills in Media to bring YWPG to a whole new level in advocacy.”

Last year Kyera founded one of our most successful programs; the “Say It Out Loud Film Festival.”

A festival that coincides with the 16 Days of Activism to End Domestic Violence.

When she came to me with the idea, I was doubtful as it is something that has never been done in YWPG, in Honiara or in this country for that matter.

“Kyera had bigger plans,” Marisa lamented.

She pulls together a group of like-minded young people many of whom are here today and together under her leadership they hosted the first ever Film Festival in Solomon Islands 2016,” an emotional Ms Pepa said recalled.

Marisa further said that the young woman already had exciting plans for this year for which everyone was looking forward to.

“But dear Lord I am afraid she won’t be here to pull and boss everyone around,” Ms Pepa added.

Though Kyera (Marilyn) will not be here but the skills she imparted on these young people will live on.

“Our young people loved her and I admire her because she can relate more to these young people than myself.

“This young women has a medical condition but out of her passion she committed so much time to the many activities that the group engaged in which is something everyone admires.”

In her last post on Facebook a month ago, Kyera post a bible verse from the book of Psalm, which to us reflected she has been preparing for the day God will call her to rest and it gives peace within our hearts that she is safe in the hands of God.

The Bible verse reads:

“Though I walk through the Valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Psalm 23:4

As a tribute to late Kyera, YWPG will be hosting the Say it Out Loud Film Festival she initiated in November this year.

Kyera is the Media & Communications Officer for the Constitution Reform Unit, Prime Minister’s Office.

To Kyera’s parents, daughter, brothers, sisters and relatives, YWPG and the National Parliament as an institution has great respect for this young woman because of her commitment to our young people, our young women and this beloved Nation.