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Gender equality in RSIPF

19 September 2017
Deputy Commissioner Gwen Ratu.

Police have highlighted a Rights Based approach in advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment during the launching of the Essential Services package last Thursday at the Mendana Hotel.

Deputy Commissioner Gwen Ratu stated that there are two distinct priorities in RSIPF for the development of women.

She said that under the Crime Prevention Strategy, they are going to focus on the reduction of family violence as a crime that affects many women across Solomon Islands.

First, they are going to improve the mechanisms and processes for better reporting and understanding of the issue, family violence so that they can continue to improve the responses to feel safe and be safe as they go about their lives every day, Ratu said.

“We are developing strong relationships with a number of community and agency partners, each with a distinct role to play in a common goal for improving the safety of women,” she added.

She mentioned that the second aspect of their investment in women’s development is, they are going to improve the opportunities for women to succeed and to maintain control over their lives.

Ratu said that in the RSIPF they are working to improve the representation of women in police, and to ensure women have opportunities to achieve positions of decision-making and authority in their work.

She added that in 2016, the recruitment of women in the RSIPF achieved a significant milestone as it was the first time for the RSIPF to have a graduating class consisting of 50% females and male which shows a green light and a step forward in their struggle for gender equality.



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