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Responsibility of Honiara women huge

26 March 2015

THE role of Honiara Council of Women (HCW) is of immense responsibility and purpose seeing they have a strategy to work with.

That’s according to deputy Prime Minister, Douglas Ete at the opening of the weeklong Women’s Innovation Expo (WIE) on Monday.

Mr Ete said, he is pleased to see that HCW now has a strategy plan which speaks volumes of the need to be innovative and creative.

“We have seen how issues facing this city have grown deeper with the same old strategies and actions that need to change,” he said.

“Women’s issues cannot be addressed by the Honiara Council of Women alone neither should addressing women’s issues be done in isolation of all other development efforts being sensitive to gender equality as a cross-cutting theme.”

Mr Ete said, he believes HCW will complement the current work done by the government, women NGOs and stakeholders already working on the ground.

“Without the active participation of groups which are often marginalised in society, much of what we do is meaningless to those who stand to benefit from our plans and actions.”

Mr Ete said the government is clear on its desired path for women.

“This assertion however, can only be fully realised if women are also at the forefront of decision-making and leadership.”

He said the government will continue its support to the National Council of Women (NCW) and will continue to work together with NCW as the focal point for women’s organisations as demanded by the gender equality and women’s development policy.

Mr Ete said, the Women’s Expo is vital to the process towards fulfilling women’s human rights.

“I believe that as women continue to work as an association of women, they will work together to reduce the many barriers and challenges that face women in our country.”