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YWPG goes orange

22 August 2015

Young Women’s Parliamentary Group (YWPG) has began its support campaign to End Violence against Women and Girls (EVAWG) starting this month.

The campaign will involve members of YWPG wearing orange coloured clothing on the 25th of every month. A message has been sent out to all YWPG members on its Facebook page ahead of the 25th this month.

YWPG has been a strong supporter advocating against violence and inhuman acts against Solomon Islands women and girls.

Its campaign of EVAWG themed ‘Ladies Wear Orange’ is its first visible action to send a strong message to stand together and advocate ending any form violence against women and girls.

YWPG believes that women and girls should feel safe in their communities and homes anywhere in Solomon Islands, which is called the “hapi isles” and a country upholding Christian values.

It is understood that Solomon Islands is among the highest in statistics in the pacific for violence against women and children.

YWPG believes it is time Solomon Islanders collectively stand together against such acts.

Earlier this year, YWPG issued a statement condemning in the strongest terms the rape of a pregnant woman in an urban area in Honiara.

Members of YWPG have actively participated in EVAWG by attending the launching of EVAW resource organized by UN Women, a toolkit on How to design projects to end violence against women and girls. It is a step-by-step guide to taking action.

YWPG sees this campaign will go a long way to ending violence against women and girls.

YWPG believes its support will bring understanding to young women to identify violence and be ready to support and defend other vulnerable women and girls in such situations.