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The importance of saving highlighted

09 September 2015

THE importance of saving the very little money you have has been highlighted during the international literacy celebration day in Honiara at Art gallery on Tuesday.

Head and founder of Rokotanikeni women savings club Dr Alice Pollard said, they do a lot of work for women and children on how to do their savings.

“We want to teach the culture of saving among mothers and children in the society.

“We are focusing on mothers and children to learn how to make savings when they grow up.”

She said, everyone knows that money can be acceptable to any one at any time, during the night or the day.

“It can be easy to use it.

“But the main idea here is not to allow money to go easily, learn how to keep them by depositing it in your saving accounts.

“If you receive $20 spend $16 and sarve $4.

“You will see your money easily grow,” she said.

She said, despite that saving is not an easy task for many; mothers must have to think about what will come ahead in the future.

“Think about school fees, health, and the new generation. Saving will help you address such demands.”

She said, sending a child to the store every day is very dangerous because it starts to train him or herself how to spend.

“When you send a child to the store every day, he or she will adopt behaviour of spending.

 “Training your child not to spend but to save.”

In July this year Rokotanikeni women saving clubs in West Are’Are hit a total of 1 million dollars from their saving club.

“If women from the rural areas in West Are’Are service can save $1 million dollar it could be easy for women in urban areas to do similar thing,” Dr Alice said.