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Grassroot women group schedules weekly trainings

26 March 2014

SOLOMON Islands grassroot women in art located along the Bahai highway will hold their club day today.

Local florist Annie Maedia is leading activities which include making baskets, lavalava and arts and craft work.

These young women are without permanent jobs, they are housewives and school dropouts.

Mrs Maedia said it has been a privilege for her to engage this group of women in useful business skills.

“Am happy to share the knowledge with them so that they could support themselves generate income and have something to do to keep them busy every day,” she said.  

She explained the club day is held every Wednesday to train the women new skills and ideas and display their products.

Mrs Maedia said there are many ways to help hopeless women to earn a living.

The women usually held small fundraising activities like barbeques as part of their extra income.  

The group started sometime in 2010 is slowly attracting women.