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HCC Queen

17 November 2015

Honiara City Council (HCC) now has a Queen representative in the upcoming Miss Solomon Islands beauty pageant.

 She is Miss Theresa Rikoaia.

The City Council secured the sponsorship for the young lady, Tuesday for a total of $27, 000.

After securing the sponsorship     Miss Rikoaia who is now the new Miss Honiara City Council assured the City Council that she will do the best of her ability to highlight HCC during the Miss Solomon Islands beauty pageant.

The new Miss HCC, who was initially picked by the Honiara City Mayor Alfrence Fatai, received an overwhelming support from the officers who are presented at the sponsorship event yesterday.

In picking the Miss HCC, Mr Fatai said, he is not only looking at the beauty part of things but he also looked at characters of the girl when picking her to be the HCC Queen.

Also speaking at the event, HCC City Clark Charles Kelly wished the Miss HCC all the best in the upcoming event adding, HCC will throw its support behind her and hope she wins the pageant crown this year.

Miss HCC who shows alot of confidence in herself said, with the support from the HCC she assured her sponsor that wining the Miss Solomon Islands beauty pageant this year is possible.