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More violence victims. at Care Centre

26 November 2015

MORE than five hundred violence victims in the country are being housed at the Christian Care Centre (CCC) outside Honiara.

This was confirmed by Director of the Centre Sr. Ruth Hope on Wednesday.

“The majority of these figures are women, girls and children victimized from the gender-based violence,” Sr Hope said.

She added that this is the highest ever recorded since the Centre was set established.

“These victims came to the Centre seeking for help and we take care of them,” Sr Hope said.

She added that the Centre remains humble to accommodate such victims.

“There are some wrong interpretations that this Centre is for devoting families but thats not the intention. The intention is to stop violence against women in this country,” she said.

“We are here to provide pastoral care for victims.”

Sr Hope added it is everybody’s business to end violence against women and girls in the country.

“Enough of enough of this family violence. We must stand together to end this violence”

“I believe our government will help us to stop this violence,” she added.