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Malaita thanks Hearts of Hope

06 January 2016

MALAITA Province has thanked Hearts of Hope (HOH) for its humanitarian service to the province last year.

Provincial Secretary Jackson Gege said the non-government organisation did an excellent job in its humanitarian mission by assisting orphans, widows, and elderlies.

“Yes I do totally support them and I am looking forward to working together with them during this year,” Mr Gege said.

“They have helped to deliver some of the services the province finds difficult to deliver, they are doing a great job,” he added.

“I am happy and hope the province will continue to work with them from now and onward.”

Mr Gege said he will seek ways to work with NGOs to participate and partner in delivering services to Malaitans in economic, social, and other areas.

“I would like to encourage them to continue with the excellent work they are doing.

“By doing so they are also improving livelihood and giving hope to our people.

“Thank you for supporting our people throughout 2015. This is another year therefore let us work together to support more community orphans and elderly in our province,” he added.

“We need more of our people to look into this kind of charitable work to help our communities, particularly to assist our people to understand the kind of life they are facing and how they can overcome it,” Mr Gege said.