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YWPG congratulates Ngaro

05 March 2016

THE Young Women’s Parliamentary Group congratulates Dorothy Ngaro for being the only female candidate amongst six male contestants, who contested the Vuhokesa ward Honiara City by-election this week.

Lysa Wini-Simeon, Chairlady of YWPG commented that it certainly takes courage and enormous efforts to vie for a leadership role in Solomon Islands politics.

“Much political critics have debated these preferential issues and have driven to identify the root causes for non representation of women in our male dominated leadership arena,” she said.

Nevertheless Mrs Wini-Simeon stated that leadership attributes are certainly embedded in everybody in our community, which only needs appropriate mentoring and encouragement from the society and institutions.

 “Having support organisms to provide such space for aspiring young leaders should be enhance both in the public and private domain,” she said.

“The efforts portrayed by Ms Ngaro marks still the national ambition of women in Solomon Islands.” 

She concluded that YWPG is happy to work with future contesting women candidates and will continually provide morale support to young women and men in Solomon Islands who are aspiring such leadership undertakings.