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‘youSave’ opens new office

27 May 2020
Cutting of the ribbon the SINPF Board of Directors L-R, DR Aaron Oritaimae,David Rupokets, Robert Aumana and Shepherd Lapo.

A NEW office has been opened for the National Provident Fund’s youSave saving scheme, Monday.

It was located on the ground floor of the Anthony Saru Building in Honiara.

“This is a milestone achievement for youSave since its inception in 2017,” says Tony Laugwaro, the scheme’s acting manager.

youSave is a saving scheme established for those in the informal sector who want to save their money with the National Provident Fund (NPF).

Laugwaro said that the success of youSave would not have been possible without the support from the board and management of NPF, Central Bank of Solomon Islands, the Government, UNCDF/PFIP, agents and youSave team.

He said youSave’s previous office at the SINPF Head Office was a humble setup.  

“As time and the mode of doing business change from traditional to a more digital-oriented service, the board and management have decided to relocate to a more customer-friendly office location.”

He said that the new office is equipped with better facilities to enhance a speedier and efficient customer service.

Laugwaro said when “NPF Blo Mi” now called “youSave” was started more than three years ago, they have high hopes for the future.   

“We were amazed at what we have been able to achieve in such a short period of time,” Laugwaro added. 

On November 28th 2016, youSave was pioneered with 3 full time officers and a foreign project manager.  

“youSave has gone from three, four, and now five and we will continue to increase as the demand to serve the informal sector increases.

“In a span of three years and 21 days (4th May 2017-25th May 2020) of hard work, youSave developed a reputation for being one of the country’s top innovations.

“In the informal sector, youSave is hitting the headlines especially for jointly winning the Reuben James Summerlin Innovation Award in 2017 with Westpac Banking Corporation of Papua New Guinea.

“One year later, youSave through SINPF was awarded the Prime Minister’s Business Excellence Award in recognition of its outstanding and ‘wow factor’ out of 61 nominees for the grand prize. 

“Thanks to the youSave team for the hard work and the senior Management of SINPF for directions.”

In November 2019, youSave LoMobile was launched to allow youSave customers to deposit money directly from their mobile handsets using mobile top-ups from Solomon Telekom and bmobile. 

Thank you to the MNOs for that joint effort in bridging geographical challenges for youSave customers who are now enjoying savings through your networks.

Laugwaro said the next challenge is how to make payments available to members in the same way they deposit from their mobile handsets.  

“Obviously we’ll be knocking at your doors again for this dream to be materialized,” he told guests who attended the soft opening ceremony.

He assured youSave members that it is their goal to serve customers with high-quality service.

“We will use this new working environment to prove to you that we are up to this task and strive to continue to value your trust. 

“We will continue to rely heavily on partnership and with that I am confident all stakeholders involved from the beginning of youSave will continue to render support in whatsoever way possible.”

By Elliot Dawea
Senior Public Relations Officer, SINPF