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Kava farmers rake $84k

01 July 2020
Kava farmers from Malaita province.

LOCAL kava farmers from Malaita have their hard work being paid off after selling their kava products to Kubonitu Holding by earning $84,680.00 early this week.

The kava farmers from Bethany, Oneone village, Judea village, and Kwaina villages loaded their kava bags in the fast boat Express Pelican and arrived Monday afternoon in Honiara. 

Kubonitu Holding was ready at the wharf and assisted the kava farmers to load their kava bags to Henderson kava factory. 

Their leaders Samuel Maili and Justin Selwyn said their communities now planted around 25,000 plants which 12,000 plants are ready to be harvested this year and next year. 

The six kava farmers collected $84,680.00 after they sold their kava products. 

Kubonitu Holding graded their kava products as top quality that best suits the USA market.

Each farmer received between $5,500 to $27.460 from their sales. 

Kava now termed as the gold money and the consumers termed it as the root of happiness. 

Kubonitu Holding is looking forward to more kava bags coming from Choiseul, Western, and Santa Cruz this weekend and early next week.