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Council clarifies licences

16 March 2015

BUSINESS houses are reminded not to confuse with “promotion” and “selling” licences.

Honiara City Council issued the reminder after realizing certain business houses are using their promotion licences to sell their products.

 “Those doing that are abusing their licences,” city clerk Charles Kelly said.

“You cannot use your promotion licence to sell your products.

 “It’s an offence to do that,” he added.

Mr Kelly said business houses must understands that streets promotion like road shows, is only for promotional purposes, not to sell their products.

“To do promotions, business houses are only allowed to do ‘give-a-ways’. Not to sell.

 “To promote you products, you must only do promotion activities, not sell our products”.

Mr Kelly said those who wanted to promote and sell at the same time must apply for both licences.