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SIWIBA looks forward to Mere’s Market

23 June 2014

After a challenging Mere’s Market, the Solomon Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) is hosting their third Mere’s Market 2014.

The event will take place from June 25 to 27at the National Art Gallery.

During a meeting held last week, the Mere’s Market committee agreed on attractive activities namely Food competition, Zumba exercise and awareness Program etc.

“Feedback of last Mere’s Market shows that more and more women are stepping out to become members of SIWIBA since there is an opportunity to develop in business through Mere’ s Market,” a statement from SIWIBA said.

“Mere ‘s Market Committee wishes to  stress that the Value of Mere’s Market is more than generating income alone; Mere’s Market is also about developing the limited resources we have to gain more  customers relationship and to archive a competitive advantage,” the statement said.

A brief meeting will be held at SIWIBA office on Monday 23rd June 2014 for all participants of Mere’s Market.

SIWIBA is encouraging all members to visit   the SIWIBA office Room 48 NPF plaza point Cruz for more details on the event.