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Temotu farmers urged to work hard

23 June 2014

Temotu farmers have been encouraged to venture into commercial crops as the province moves to establish agricultural trade links with neighbouring Vanuatu.

This was the message to the people from their premier Fr Brown Beu.

Beu announced the proposed link during his province’s second appointed day the previous week.

“We are working on a trial trip to Vanuatu before the end of this year,” he said.

“To all copra farmers in and around Temotu, this is good news for you,” Beu added.

He encouraged farmers to work more to achieve the targeted copra products.

“I encourage all farmers to work harder because as soon as we have issues sorted out, we hope to see the required tonnees of copra to be exported each week.

“Farmers this is a boost for our economy.”

Meanwhile, PZTR investment, a business house in Lata that has been helping farmers growing coconuts and cocoa, commended the initiative.

“This is a positive initiative and we must work along with the provincial government and farmers to look at ways to enhance this partnership,” Alistair Meplana, Manager of PZTR, said.

PZTR has been assisting farmers to plant coconut and cocoa.