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Irofinao back in court today

11 September 2019
Coral Sea Resort and Casino, Honiara.

THE man who caused damage to the Coral Sea Resort in Honiara using a Backhoe Excavator last October will appear in court today.

This is for the sentencing submissions and mitigation on the matter of Dickson Irofinao.

Irofinao had pleaded guilty to the charges of intimidation and wilful & unlawful damage.

He will be appearing before Principal Magistrate Felix Hollison at 2pm today.

Irofinao was initially charged with 10 counts of intimidation and one count of wilful & unlawful damage.

Those charges were reduced following a plea bargain between the prosecution and Irofinao’s lawyer.

The charges were in relation to the incident on the afternoon of 11 October 2018, at the Coral Sea Resort in Honiara.

Police say Irofinao drove a Backhoe Excavator straight into the hotel lobby following an argument with his wife.

His wife is an employee at the Coral Sea Resort at the time of offending.

He then drove the Excavator out of the hotel and later that same afternoon surrendered himself to the police.

Ron Dickey Pulekera of Public Solicitor’s Office is representing Irofinao.