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GP health thanks EU, MHMS

11 September 2019
Guadalcanal Provincial Health Director Dr. Joel Denty.

THE Guadalcanal Provincial Health Authority has acknowledged European Union (EU) and the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) for its support to the province’s RWASH program. 

Guadalcanal provincial health director Dr. Joel Denty on Tuesday thanked the Ministry of Health and EU for anew ray boat and outboard motor (OBM) which was delivered to the GP RWASH team.

Speaking at the handover ceremony Dr. Denty said the handing over of the new boat to the provincial RWASH team is a big achievement for the provincial health team.

“I want to thank the National Health Division for recognizing the need of the provincial health team in terms of transport service in the province.

“The need for transport and logistics has been a problem for the provincial health team for quite a while now, therefore we are really happy and appreciate this assistance.

“For the past 15 years the provincial health transport services are running down as the trucks and boats are getting old and sending a team to other parts of Guadalcanal in an old boat is a risky thing to do,” he said.

He explained for the past few years since the last OBM broke down sometimes they have to borrow logistics from the local clinics for the RWASH staff.

“This really affects the plans of the RWASH service and with these new logistic support I hope that the work of the RWASH team to access to project sites and communities in the province,’’ he said.

He also thank3ed the EU for the funding and the Ministry of Health and Medical Services for making sure the assistance was successfully delivered to the provincial RWASH team.

He assures that the provincial health team will use the new equipment for its intended purposes.

“The responsibility to look after the boat is now in the hands of the provincial health staff to ensure the boat is rightly used as it will attract eyes from people and other private uses,’’ he said.

The provincial health team is now planning to set up a committee that will be responsible to look after the new Ray boat and OBM.