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Concern over game of Ludo

11 September 2019

PLAYING of Ludo is on the rise and is causing people to become lazy in most communities in Malaita province.

Reports reaching the Solomon Star said community and church leaders have warned children and adults to stop from playing ludo which has been used as a form of gambling using money.

Ludo is a strategy board game for two to four players in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the rolls of a single die. 

Like other cross and circle games, Ludo is derived from the Indian game Pachisi, but simpler. 

The game and its variations are popular in many countries and under various names.

This game normally is downloaded into mobile phones which provide opportunity for people to play the game. 

It has been reported that a high number of children and adults have become addicted and interested to playing the game which caused them to become reluctant and lazy.

A chief spoken to confirmed that most children and community members are addicted to Ludo which sometimes causes financial problem to families.

“This electronic Ludo game is now become an issue in my community. It causes people and children to become lazy.

“Ludo gambling has destroyed community punctuality to work and development activities, ” the chief expressed his concern.


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