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Concern about school learning environment

12 September 2019
A conducive classrom also has a place where students can display their work and learn from other students' work. Pictured, a Sinasu female student showing their class work displayed on the classroom wall

MOST schools in Malaita Province do not have conducive classrooms that will trigger students to learn to read and write effectively.

That’s according to the Malaita Provincial Literacy Trainer Jeremy Igita. 

Igita shared light on this in an exclusive interview with the Solomon Star Auki.

“It’s a sad reality that should be addressed to ensure students have access to effective learning materials that will boost their learning ability at the early stage in school,” Igita stated..

He said this lack of conducive classrooms came about because most schools used their grants to either build classrooms or other areas and totally forgot about purchasing learning materials to pin up in each class to help teachers and students in their learning process. 

Igita said school principals and head teachers who have access to school grants should put more priority on purchasing useful learning materials, adding a portion of the school grant is purposely to purchase school learning materials. 

"I have visited some of the schools in the province and it is sad to see their classrooms are not conducive for effective learning.

"From observation one can tell that this is the reason why students are  lagging behind when it comes to literacy."

Ask about what a conducive classroom should look like, he said a classic example of a conducive classroom and school is the Sinasu Primary School in the Aoke Langa Langa electorate. 

He said other schools in Malaita Province should learn from Sinasu Primary School.

“Sinasu is a model school and a perfect example of a school with conducive classrooms that encourage effective learning.” 

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