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New Deputy Premier for Temotu

08 October 2019
(Left) Hon. Nickson Lanoli (New Deputy Premier), Mr. Frank Samui (commissioner of Oath), Hon. Clay Forau (Premier, TPG)

TEMOTU province now has a new deputy Premier who will also be the new Minister of Natural Resources following the sacking of the former, Philip Mali.

Mr Mali was sacked by the Temotu Unity Government for Rural Advancement (TUGRA) under the leadership of Premier Clay Forau, on Saturday 5th October 2019.

A statement from the Temotu provincial government has confirmed that the new deputy premier and minister is Nickson Lanoli.

He was sworn into office the same day that the former deputy premier and minister was axed.

There were no specific details of the sacking being revealed following the removal of the deputy premier.

However, in his welcome speech after the swearing in ceremony, Premier Forau said that he is looking forward to a good working relationship with his new Deputy.  

He said, a team that has good working relationship with each other is the one that will make something happen in the province, and replacement of the former deputy by Mr Lanoli will fill the gap that his executive needed to make things happen.

In in response during a humble swearing in ceremony, the new Deputy premier Nickson Lanoli thanked the Premier for his confidence in him and for having him as his second in command for Temotu Province in this 10th Assembly. 

Mr Lanoli also pledges his full support in making sure peace unity and progress is realized in the province.

The new Deputy is an educationist by profession and has many years of teaching experiences in Temotu Education Authority schools before going into provincial politic.  

This 10th Assembly is his second term as Member of Provincial Assembly for Malo Ward 17.

Former Deputy Fr. Philip Mali represents Nangu ward 12, a position he recently took over from former MPA Fr. Brown Beu.