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Temotu to launch policy document

08 October 2019

THE Temotu Unity Government for Rural Advancement (TUGRA) has prepared to launch its Policy Document 2019-2024 this Thursday.

This was confirmed by the provincial government in a statement sent to this paper, Monday.

“On Thursday 10th of October 2019, TUGRA will launch its Policy Document.  

“The document contains priority policy areas TUGRA anticipate to implement during its fours year term in Office from 2019 to 2024,” it was stated.

In the launching, TUGRA is looking forward to invite more than 100 guests including representatives of established churches in the province, heads of all local business entrepreneurs operating in the province, local and national institutions including international NGOs that are in the province, village chiefs and elders,  and school headmasters and school Principals.

The aim of the launching is to make as much awareness as possible to all local, national and regional institutions that have establishment in the province.  

TUGRA aims to build in the minds of majority if not all Temotuans what it wants to deliver for its people.

“They wanted as much as possible for most school children in the province know and remember the government aim contained in the policy.  

“They want to build in the minds of the children existing challenges the province is having and opportunities that one way or the other every members of the society can put their hands together and address,” the statement added.

After the launching on Thursday, a small delegation that will be led by the Premier is planning to visit Honiara.  

“The delegation aims to make a courtesy call to Prime Minister and to present their support to the government.  

“A special meeting is also aimed to be held with all three MPs representing three constituencies in Temotu.”

Meanwhile, during the visit the delegation is also looking forward to make arrangements to meet representatives and the good people of Temotu who are working and residing in Honiara.