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Malaitan MPs invited for dialogue

11 October 2019
Premier Daniel Suidani.

First ever Malaita Peoples' Dialogue

In Auki


Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani officially invites Members of Parliament (MP) representing the 14 constituencies in the province to attend the Malaita Peoples Dialogue (MPD) in Auki next week. 

Premier Suidani confirmed to the paper saying an official invitation has been sent to 14 MPs representing Malaita to attend the dialogue. 

A copy of the letter cited by the paper reads; "I wish to convey to you all Malaita's elected and national Members of Parliament our people and the Provincial Government's sincere invitation to attend the Peoples Dialogue here in Auki.

"Since the National Government's controversial decision to switch ties to China (PRC) FROM Taiwan effective on the 16th of September 2019 by Cabinet resolution the general populace of Solomon Islands and the citizens of Malaita had been so vocal and concerned.

"Over the past weeks the citizens of Malaita has requested that a dialogue must held to engage in a meaningful and constructive discussion to look at the issue revolving around the controversial switch to China from the country's-long –time friend Taiwan.

"Standing up for the citizens of Malaita in such a time is crucial and important that a dialogue must be organized to consult with all Malaita leaders, chiefs, women, youth and children 

"With these issues at hand am looking forward for your immediate support in joining fellow Malaitans here in the province as we consult and deliberate on these issues and see that we prioritize the welfare of our beloved people and held navigate their future.

"Thank you for your understanding and awaiting your confirmation on this request,” the letter stated.

The first ever Malaita Peoples' Dialogue is scheduled to take place on 1pm on Tuesday 15 October at the MPG Chamber.

Of the 14 MPs representing Malaita, two MPs; MP for North Malaita and MP for East Kwaio will not attend because of their commitment behind the China switch.

The two MPs are in China as part of Prime Minister Sogavare led delegation to Beijing China.

The MPs are expected to arrive in Malaita on Tuesday morning and return to Honiara on Tuesday afternoon after the dialogue.

Advocating group Malaita for Democracy (M4D) also sent an official invitation for the 14 Malaita MPs yesterday.